DailyCare is a True Aged Care Guide

DailyCare is an aged care guide that is all about giving you the choice to choose your own care needs.

We are living longer, staying at home longer, and have higher expectations about the kind of care we should be able to access and receive.

We want aged care options that will fit into our lives, not the other way around. We expect choice, flexibility and customisation - it’s what we’re used to. We want services that are user-friendly and inclusive, that complement our lifestyle choices, and that help us to plan ahead and adapt to our ever-changing health and family needs.

This is the aged care journey we believe in. A dynamic approach that ticks all the boxes and places you at the centre, offering you the right information and services at the right time to match your unique care needs.

DailyCare is a true aged care guide

DailyCare offers easy to understand information on home & community care, respite care, post-operative care, dementia care, care accommodation & nursing homes and assisted living. We help explain who it’s for, why you might need it, the costs to consider, how you can access it, and offer easy checklists to help you prepare for your care journey.

We also help you plan ahead and find the right care with a care summary. It’s a simple solution that delivers powerful results. You can create a care plan either for yourself or a loved one in a matter of minutes.

All you have to do is tell us what sort of care you’re looking for and we’ll match you with a range of services to suit your needs. You can then save, share and come back to your plan whenever you like.

The choice is yours; start a care summary now or learn more about the care journey.