Aged Care Assessment Service

Ageing affects us all in different ways - we may need help with some aspects of our life, while remaining completely independent in others. In order that you can access exactly the right combination of aged care assessment services, a member of a aged care assessment team will need to visit so they can really understand the level of care you need.

During their visit, they will discuss your current situation and health needs. They will also ask things like:

  • are you looking for community help with simple tasks like cooking and shopping?
  • do you need more intensive care at home to help with dressing, washing and mobility?
  • are you looking for temporary post-op care after an operation?
  • do you need a break from looking after a loved one and require some respite care?
  • are you or a loved one ready to move into care accommodation like a nursing home so you can receive a higher level of care?

From this, they will assess the level of care you need, then let you know what government subsidies you can receive.  

This may help:

At any point while you’re waiting to be assessed you can search for the right care from all the government-assisted services as well as other private services available.

Simply start a care summary, tell us what you’re looking for so that we can really understand the level of care you need and we’ll match you with a range of care options in a matter of seconds.