What Is An Aged Care Assessment?

For many of us, there will come a time when we will need some level of additional care to help us continue to live happy and productive lives.

And whether this is in home care or in some sort of assisted living facility, the Australian Government recognises the additional financial strain this places on many families and may help cover a portion of the costs on a range of aged care services based on your level of need.

Before you receive care - either at home or in care accommodation - you may need to take part in a Government-based assessment so that we can really understand the level of care you need. This is provided through the Government’s Aged Care Assessment Services.

An aged care assessment is free and can help you access:

  • Commonwealth Aged Care packages
  • Home and Community Care packages
  • Post-operation care services
  • Residential respite care services
  • Residential aged care services

This might help:

If your need to access care is urgent or you are waiting for a vacancy within a preferred care accommodation you can choose private home care while you wait for your assessment to be completed.