Help is at hand when choosing the best care solution

Finding the right care can be one of the most challenging decisions we need to make as we get older. At such an emotional time, it’s easy to be confused by the many options, and making the wrong decision could affect your quality of life for many years. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone.

One option to consider is using an aged care transition service or case manager to guide you through the process. Case managers provide in-depth assistance to look at all your options when choosing aged care.

Dana Sawyer, from Millennium Aged Care Services, explains:

“Case managers will work with you and your family to carefully consider the options and develop a tailored approach that suits your needs. Now and into the future.

“Like a buyers advocate when purchasing a home, a case manager essentially acts as your representative in finding and negotiating care. We consider all your needs and desires for how you want to live. These include physical needs, different types of accommodation, location, and fees and charges,” Dana says.

A case manager can be helpful in assessing if it is viable to stay at home with support, whether retirement living is suitable, or if an aged care facility will provide the care you need.

“A good case manager will start by meeting with you and your family or support network to talk through your current situation and requirements. From there, they will guide you through the aged care system, so that you fully understand the potential lifestyle and financial outcomes or your options.

“Essentially, they do the hard work for you, including liaising with care facilities on your behalf, scheduling appointments and assisting you to complete the paperwork. They can coordinate all your care needs by dealing with service providers as well as medical and allied health professionals on your behalf,” said Dana.

You can employ a case manager for a short period, to help you through an immediate need, or for a longer period if you are planning ahead. They can be a great option when you or your family are under pressure to make the right decision.

What you need to know

  • Aged care transition services are not subsidised by the government, so you must pay for the services you receive.
  • Hourly rates can differ between services, so it is important to ask for a detailed breakdown of costs before signing an agreement.
  • An invoice should be provided to you outlining all the services and care purchases the case manager has made on your behalf.
  • Aged care transition services do not require an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)/Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) assessment through MyAgedCare.
  • If you are the recipient of a government-funded Home Care Package, a case manager from your chosen home care service provider will be assigned to you.


This content was created with thanks to our partners at Millennium Aged Care.

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