The government and aged care

From providing financial assistance to help cover the cost of care through to regulations and industry oversight, the Australian government – often in collaboration with state and local governments – is an active player in aged care. 

Funding and support

Most aged care homes are at least partially funded by the federal government. Through various organisational grants and subsidies for those requiring care, the government is also responsible for ensuring that all Australians can access in-home or residential aged care if they need to.

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Approval and accreditation

The government’s Aged Care Quality Agency is responsible for the accreditation, ongoing monitoring, and – in rare cases – sanctioning of aged care homes, based on adherence to a set of Accreditation Standards.

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Regulation and industry oversight

The home and residential aged care industries are regulated by the government, with providers needing to adhere to quality standards and other legislated rules.

In addition to quality and accreditation, the government also regulates some of the fees and charges levied at consumers.