Aged care facilities in the Canley Vale area

4 aged care facilities in the Canley Vale area

For people who need help with day-to-day tasks and personal care through to 24-hour nursing care.

DailyCare is your guide to the options for government-subsidised aged care facilities and nursing homes, as well as private care in or near Canley Vale.

Contact facilities directly, and shortlist your preferred facilities for Canley Vale to share with family and people close you you.

Lansdowne Aged Care Facility

Lansdowne Aged Care Facility

Cabramatta, NSW

What you’ll find at Lansdowne Aged Care Facility are specialists that are highly trained in aged care. Our accomplished team delivers nursing focussed on aged care.

  • 163 beds
  • $295,000
SummitCare Canley Vale

SummitCare Canley Vale

Canley Vale, NSW

Community health is our top priority at SummitCare Canley Vale, we take our role in Canley Vale community health very seriously. We boost our community’s health by providing 99 beds. dementia and health decline are examples of needs that can be met.

  • 99 beds
Heiden Park Lodge

Heiden Park Lodge

Carramar, NSW

Offering care to the ageing population of Carramar is our main priority at Heiden Park Lodge. Our 87 beds bed facility serves people with health decline and respite. We can be found at Matthews St in the suburb of Carramar.

  • 87 beds
  • $250,000
Fairfield Nursing Home

Fairfield Nursing Home

Fairfield, NSW

If you have family members or close friends in need of support for health decline and dementia then our specialised staff at Fairfield Nursing Home are here to help. Our residents can feel at home at The Crescent in the quaint Fairfield area as we create an environment that reflects...

  • 123 beds
  • $75,000

Did you know that in-home care can be another option for those living in Canley Vale?

Get a little or a lot of help with personal care, domestic help, meals and more. Private and government-assisted services are available to support living independently at home.

Home Care options