Lithgow Aged Care

Lithgow Aged Care

Residential aged care facility in Lithgow, NSW

48 beds | Government subsidised

Our residents relax in a warm and wonderful atmosphere of support and care at Lithgow Aged Care. We have a strong team of professional caregivers who are finely equipped to assist and support older people in need.


  • Health decline


In terms of cost RAD fees start at and may increase depending on the resident, while our DAP fees start at per day, and other costs and considerations for the resident are a basic daily fee of $48.44. Of course when choosing a residence for those in need of support, cost is always a vital consideration and we work to give the fairest prices possible.

Key Features of Lithgow Aged Care

Considered as a leading facility for aged care in the Lithgow area, those who stay with us will have have available to them range of key benefits, including 24/7 supervision, meals supplied, private rooms, communal facilities and qualified staff. Our focus on every aspect of resident needs means those who stay with us are promised the best in care, for both their physical and mental health.

Personal Care Services

At Lithgow Aged Care we employ personal care staff. Increasing our residents’ independence is accomplished with our staff’s support. We aim to improve the standard of living for all of our residents by employing caregivers who are patient and caring, and who work to increase our residents’ enjoyment of life. Dignity is maintained in hygiene, dressing, mobility and meal time with the care of compassionate experts.

Food and nutrition at Lithgow Aged Care

Lithgow Aged Care offers meals in a communal dining space or delivered to individual resident’s rooms. Our menus are prepared to be nutritious for all and also customisable to meet special dietary needs.

Why choose Lithgow Aged Care

Lithgow Aged Care is considered one of the best aged care providers in Lithgow because of our commitment to building relationships. We include residents, friends, and family as part of our facility community alongside the staff and volunteers. Our hope is to invoke a feeling of friendliness and warmth as well as create a comfortable home for our residents.

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Short St
Lithgow NSW 2790

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