St Basils Randwick

Residential aged care facility in Randwick, NSW

114 beds | Government subsidised

St Basil’s Randwick will offer the highest standards of care and lifestyle options in its residential aged care facilities. We take all aspects of our residents’ wellbeing into consideration. Live in our welcoming community, and you’ll receive services such as high-quality seasonal meal choices and onsite laundry and cleaning.


  • Health decline

Our professional nursing care is discreet, respects your privacy and is available around the clock. With 114 beds, St Basil’s Randwick will cater for all levels of care, including a secure area for residents with dementia. Our aim is to make your life as easy as possible by reducing the usual burdens of everyday life – maintaining your own home, gardening or even cleaning. Our staff are always available to help you relax and enjoy the day as you choose. Our program of is rich and varied, offering lots of options for individual, small and large group activities.

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57 – 63 St Paul’s Street
Randwick NSW 2031

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