Aged care facilities in the Sydney area

5 aged care facilities in the Sydney area

For people who need help with day-to-day tasks and personal care through to 24-hour nursing care.

DailyCare is your guide to the options for government-subsidised aged care facilities and nursing homes, as well as private care in or near Sydney.

Contact facilities directly, and shortlist your preferred facilities for Sydney to share with family and people close you you.

Anglicare Elizabeth Lodge

Anglicare Elizabeth Lodge

Rushcutters Bay, NSW

At Elizabeth Lodge we make the community health of Rushcutters Bay our priority. We are found at Bayswater Road, in pleasant Rushcutters Bay, and there we provide 118 beds We are capable of meeting a range of needs with dementia, health decline, post operative and respite beds.

  • 118 beds
  • $647,000
Montrose Aged Care Plus Centre

Montrose Aged Care Plus Centre

Balmain, NSW

What you’ll find at Montrose Aged Care Plus Centre are specialists that are highly trained in aged care. We maintain a staff of experienced aged care specialists that provide excellent nursing.

  • 44 beds
  • $400
Charles Chambers Court

Charles Chambers Court

Surry Hills, NSW

Mission Australia Charles Chambers Court (CCC) is a fully accredited aged care facility for adult men and women who are homeless or have a risk of homelessness and socially disadvantaged.

  • 60 beds
Gertrude Abbott

Gertrude Abbott

Surry Hills, NSW

Gertrude Abbott works tirelessly to ensure our residents are happy, comfortable, and supported in a welcoming environment.The team we have assembled provide loving care and expert support for our residents.

  • 100 beds
  • $450,000
Vincentian Aged Care Service

Vincentian Aged Care Service

East Sydney, NSW

Vincentian Aged Care Service in Darlinghurst is renowned for the dedicated care provided to the central Sydney community for more than 50 years.

  • 30 beds
  • $350,000

Did you know that in-home care can be another option for those living in Sydney?

Get a little or a lot of help with personal care, domestic help, meals and more. Private and government-assisted services are available to support living independently at home.

Home Care options

Some general info on the suburb of Sydney

Surrounded with beautiful parks, galleries, restaurants, business centres, and sea, Sydney surely is an ideal city to live.

Usually, those who choose Sydney as a home are professionals and other workers who prefer having just a short walk to work. They are not just locals, but people from different parts of the world, emphasising the cosmopolitan vibe of the city.

However, even the bright city dims its energy especially during weekends, when many restaurants and coffee shops are closed; for people usually prefer staying in the surrounding suburbs for a lighter atmosphere.

But there are still plenty of pubs, bars and clubs in the city, along with live music venues and art galleries that you can check out. There are also apartments, studios, and penthouses in Sydney, although you likely have to take a lift to access them, for residential spaces are usually in sky-scrapers and hotels.

Sydney definitely is a beautiful city—but is not quite there yet as a city to live in. This is great for those who want to be close to their work place, but if you prefer a light atmosphere and a cosy house with a terrace and small garden, check out other suburbs.