Abbey Gardens

Abbey Gardens

Residential aged care facility in Warragul, VIC

120 beds | Government subsidised

Abbey Gardens has been the product of 15 years’ experience and understanding of the aged care industry. It is a spacious 120 bed home that features many living and lifestyle space both internally and externally. 


    This includes several large lounge and sitting room area, 3 dining rooms, a lifestyle area, a café, a cinema, library, doctors, physio, occupational therapy and massage suites and other more intimate areas to sit with family members and visitors.
    Overall there are currently approximately 150 staff members who are committed to the best care, lifestyle, hospitality, catering, maintenance and administration.
    Abbey Gardens is a great place to be a resident and also a satisfying workplace for staff who want to provide the best of their energies to the residents at Abbey Gardens.

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    15 Tarwin Street
    Warragul VIC 3820

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