Get aged care financial advice in South Australia

Moving into residential aged care? Expert financial advice can assist the process and give you peace of mind. Find a financial adviser near you.

10 aged care financial advisers in South Australia

Financial Success

Denise Kipling

148 Gilles St, Adelaide, SA

(08) 8223 6880

HSW Financial Advisers

Carmela La Starza

Ground Floor 70 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide, SA

(08) 8223 6899

McLeod Watzdorf Financial Planning

Werner Watzdorf

35 Dequetteville Terrace, Kent Town, SA

(08) 8361 3368

Minerds Bell

Natalie Bordun

79 Belair Road, Kingswood, SA

(08) 8373 1711

Spectrum Financial Strategists

Rob Alexander

Suite 2, 1 Alexandra Avenue, Rose Park, SA

(08) 8333 7345

The Payne Group

Asha Burrows

250 Wright St, Adelaide, SA

(08) 8110 0000

Wealth Management Solutions Pty Ltd

Nicholas Moschakis

Suite 9, 154 Fullarton Rd, Rose Park, SA

(08) 8333 3398

Western Pacific

Drew Potts

4 Marryatt Street, Port Augusta, SA

1300 684 402

Western Pacific


Level 3, 97 Pirie Street, Adelaide, SA

1300 684 402

A quick word on financial advisers and DailyCare

To be listed by DailyCare, financial advisers (also known as financial planners) must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • must hold a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), a Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP), a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA), a Chartered Accountant (CA) or a Master of Financial Planning (MoFP) qualification,
  • must be a member of one of the following professional bodies: Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA), Association of Financial Advisers (AFA), CPA Australia or Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAA) and demonstrate to BCSA’s reasonable satisfaction that it is committed to upholding the relevant association’s Code of Professional Conduct,
  • advisers who are employed by, or are authorised to represent, a licensed advisory business which has agreed to be listed upon invitation from DailyCare,
  • accredited Aged Care Professional™ through Aged Care Steps (or equivalent),
  • expertise in aged care advice,
  • commitment to ongoing education, and
  • an understanding of DailyCare’s philosophy and purpose.

DailyCare does not receive commissions from financial advisers.