Home care providers in the Wahroonga area

9 Home care providers servicing the Wahroonga area

Get a little or a lot of help with personal care, domestic help, meals and more.

DailyCare is your guide to the options for government-subsidised home care services, as well as private care in or near Wahroonga.

Contact age care providers directly, and shortlist your preferred providers for Wahroonga to share with family and people close you you.

Did you know that aged care accommodation can be another option for those living in Wahroonga?

For people who need help with day-to-day tasks and personal care through to 24-hour nursing care. Choose from private and government-assisted accommodation options for short stays or permanent living.

Wahroonga aged care facilities

Some general info on the suburb of Wahroonga

Looking for a place to comfortably settle with a reasonable distance from the city can be an impossible task. However, it is not elusive as Wahroonga can be the best place for the task.

One of the best advantages of Wahroonga for professionals includes being close to the city – under 30 minutes by car or 45 minute train ride. Wahroonga is a residential place so expect families and single people to come here in many forms of dwellings. Freestanding houses are the norm but flats with small terrace houses are also available. Some, who are lucky, do live in estate houses. Picture that and combine with a lush of greenery of beautiful parklands and leafy streets.

The amenities for everyone are also hard to beat. There are to parks – Wahroonga Park and Glade Park that are available for recreational activities like sports, children’s’ parties and even weddings. There are also peaceful lawns and garden as well as leafy streets for a splendid outdoor leisure walk or exercise.

Schools are also a big feature of the area. There is a variety of educational institutions for a lot of children. There is the combination of specialty schools (Knox Grammar, Abbotsleigh School for Girls, St Lucy’s School and St Edmund-s School), religious schools (Wahroonga Adventist School and St Leo’s Catholic College) and the public school (Wahroonga Public School).