Bupa Ballina

Bupa Ballina

Residential aged care facility in Banora Point, NSW

148 North Creek Road
Banora Point NSW 2478
(07) 5506 3100
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Bupa Ballina works tirelessly to ensure our residents are happy, comfortable, and supported in a welcoming environment.The team we have assembled provide loving care and expert support for our residents.

About Bupa Ballina


In terms of cost RAD fees start at $295,000 and may increase depending on the resident, while our DAP fees start at $50.76 per day, and other costs and considerations for the resident are a basic daily fee of $48.44. Please read closely the stated fees as we understand that cost is a vital factor in choosing the right care home.

Key Features of Bupa Ballina

In order to provide the best and fullest care for our residents we are equipped to address many physical or mental-health issues they may have. If you or a loved one required care for ageing in place, extra service beds, low care admissions, secure garden and qualified staff then you can seek comfort and support in the quiet area of Banora Point.

Personal Care Services

Our residents are given both a strong sense of dignity and respectful independence by our quality team of staff. The health professionals at Bupa Ballina work to improve day-to-day life for our residents in whatever way they require, whether it’s eating and drinking, dressing or hygiene care, or a simple matter of mobility. Patience and a nurturing attitude are key requirements for all our staff when dealing with residents.

Food and nutrition at Bupa Ballina

Our residents enjoy homemade meals cooked in our own kitchens. We have worked to create a long list of food options that can be adjusted to fit specific diets. Those who stay at Bupa Ballina have the option of dining in the communal dining room or having their food delivered to their room.

Why choose Bupa Ballina

Our residents, medical staff, relatives, friends and volunteers work in harmony which makes for a community that is home-like and comfortable. We lead in aged care by bringing expert care and a caring community together.

(07) 5506 3100

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Rooms and pricing

Residential accommodation create their fees based on a RAD (Refundable Accommodation Deposit) and a daily rate. Many facilities will negotiate these fees. Use the calculator below to see how a lower RAD can be offset by a highly daily rate

Did you know?

If you cannot pay the upfront Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), you can pay a combination of RAD and DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment).

Funding options for residential aged care

How much have you got for a RAD payment?

Drag the slide to calculate accurate room costs in the table below.

Room type Cost
Single room with Private ensuite
$295,000 maximum
or $32.41 maximum
Daily rate
Companion room with Private ensuite
$295,000 maximum
or $32.41 maximum
Daily rate
Single room with Private ensuite
$350,000 maximum
or $38.45 maximum
Daily rate
Single room with Private ensuite
$400,000 maximum
or $43.95 maximum
Daily rate

The information which is summarised herein does not constitute financial or other professional advice and is general in nature.

It does not take into account specific circumstances and should not be acted on without full understanding of your current situation.

Any objectives should be discussed with an Aged Care Financial Advisor.

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