Grace Munro Aged Care Centre

Grace Munro Aged Care Centre

Residential aged care facility in Bundarra, NSW

2 Thunderbolts Way
Bundarra NSW 2359
(02) 6723 7008

Dedicated carers provide the best care for health decline here at Grace Munro Aged Care Centre. Nestled in Thunderbolts Way in the beautiful suburb of Bundarra our home thrives on community spirit, providing a care-focussed environment for our residents.


Daily rates begin from $34.41. The RAD fee starts from $200,000 and the basic daily fee is $48.44.

Key Features of Grace Munro Aged Care Centre

Bundarra’s ageing residents are enthusiastically served here at Grace Munro Aged Care Centre. Our professional staff focus on administering the best medical care and also managing the total well-being of residents’ mental and physical health. Our facility provides a wide variety of services to residents including 24/7 supervision, meals supplied, private rooms, communal facilities and qualified staff.

Personal Care Services

Personal care staff are available to Grace Munro Aged Care Centre residents to help them maintain a high quality of life. These care aides diligently work to create an environment of safe independent living with required support if necessary. The caregivers are available to help with a number of daily tasks including dressing, eating and drinking, personal grooming, exercise, and mobility.

Food and nutrition at Grace Munro Aged Care Centre

Grace Munro Aged Care Centre residents have a choice of eating meals in our communal dining room or within the comfort of their own rooms. We take care to create meals that are both nutritious and appropriate for those with special dietary needs.

Why choose Grace Munro Aged Care Centre

Our residents are treated to a life of community and care with our volunteers and staff providing the same open spirit you would find in families and friends. Feel free to contact Grace Munro Aged Care Centre for more information, we would be delighted to hear from you.

(02) 6723 7008

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Rooms and pricing

Residential accommodation create their fees based on a RAD (Refundable Accommodation Deposit) and a daily rate. Many facilities will negotiate these fees. Use the calculator below to see how a lower RAD can be offset by a highly daily rate

Did you know?

If you cannot pay the upfront Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), you can pay a combination of RAD and DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment).

Funding options for residential aged care

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Room type Cost
Standard Room Type 1
Single room with Private ensuite
$200,000 maximum
$32.66 maximum
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