When the clouds are grey, they’ll be blue again soon

When the clouds are grey, they’ll be blue again soon

25 May, 2017

It was 1969, summer time and love was in the air. The wedding dress was handmade by Mum. It was seamless, not literally, but the effort was profound, especially from someone who, let’s be honest, loved stray pets more than her children. The dress was to die for, A-line, crystal organza with a pure lace bust, followed by a ‘going away’ outfit that was also made personally by Mum. Oh, and there was also my younger sister turned flowergirl, her dress too.

She was working full time hours as a bookkeeper after leaving Dad for another man, she couldn’t be contained. The dress was an after hours effort and encapsulated her life philosophy to ‘keep busy and achieve something each day’. Her motivation to get things done has inspired us all, every obstacle is met with an affirmative outlook, ‘when the clouds are grey, they’ll be blue again soon’.

Mum has barely stopped for a breath as long as I have known her. She is now in her 90’s and still pursuing daily achievements, however small. Feeding the birds, driving friends around, collecting mail and stupidly, but in perfect Mum fashion, cutting the hedge.

She recently had a fall and she said ‘there was a gust of wind and then I was on my bottom’. It’s comedic and literal, but she has sustained an injury so I guess she might need assistance soon. She gives me perspective on age and living, she is enthusiastically involved in her community and her family. Collectively her small daily achievements are life changing and above all, cloudbusting.