Our why

We will never settle in finding better ways to care for and support those who have cared for us.

As it is the highest of honours, we want to empower Australians to have the best when it comes to their care.

DailyCare is dedicated to finding better ways to care for, and support those, who have cared for us. We believe in creating empowered choice, driven by the consumer for the consumer.

We will always challenge the way things are done.

Our work touches all aspects of the care journey, and with like-minded partners we share a collective belief that the care journey should – and must – be better.

So, we commit ourselves to always question, think deeply and create material solutions that simplify the journey for lasting change.

We will never settle because we believe if you want to know what it is to live life, ask those who have lived the most of it and lived it to the fullest. We’re guessing they’ll answer back, “they never settled for anything less”.

This is DailyCare’s ongoing pledge to better the ageing journey for our most important cohort and our future selves.

Our values


We seek and provide a deeper understanding in all of our interactions


We enhance the magic of life in everything we do


We challenge the status quo to create a better way


Weaving together the elements of the care industry to improve the flow of the journey