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Get help with your aged care finances

Call or email J Palmer & Sons today to book a free, no-obligation 30-minute meeting.

To get started, we’ll review your needs, circumstances, and any aged care facilities you’re considering. We’ll also do an initial appraisal and assessment of your income and assets.

When you decide to move ahead, we’ll assist and clarify options for funding both entry into age care and ongoing monthly fees, with the aim of ensuring that you achieve the best financial outcome.

Get on top of your aged care finances with:

  • financial modelling of the available options and financial outcomes, focusing on opportunities to retain the family home, minimise fees and maximise benefits
  • negotiation with the aged care facility on fees and contracts
  • completion of government paperwork

If you have existing accountants and legal advisers, we can work with them.

Retain the family home

Minimise entry costs & ongoing fees

Maximise government benefits

When to get aged care financial advice

Moving a family member into residential aged care can be challenging, emotional and stressful. Complex decisions on financial matters often need to be made quickly:

  • negotiating and funding an accommodation deposit
  • paying daily and extra service fees
  • decisions on means-tested fees and whether to sell the family home

Appropriate structuring can minimise fees and maximise entitlements, avoiding tens of thousands of dollars in additional costs, year after year.

We recommend taking action sooner rather than later as it can make a big difference. In addition, getting the financial arrangements set up early can give peace of mind to the person entering care and their family.


“Moving our parents to an aged care home was a stressful time for all of us, made even worse by the funding complexity and government organisations we suddenly needed to deal with. The costs involved seemed overwhelming.

However, once we engaged Joseph Palmer & Sons, the process suddenly simplified, and our anxiety dissipated. The masses of paperwork and countless issues were taken care of. They structured our parents’ assets, and provided us with financial advice, to make the move affordable.

I would recommend anyone going through this process to call Joseph Palmer & Sons.” – Lynn B

“I was completely confused and bewildered but Joseph Palmer & Sons took care of everything. They negotiated the deposit, achieved a lowering of the means tested fees and qualified my parents for an increased pension payment.

Knowing my parents’ needs were being taken care of properly and professionally gave me much needed peace of mind through this difficult period.” – Kay B

Our services

Our role is to help you make the most appropriate decisions and achieve an optimal financial outcome for aged care.

Joseph Palmer & Sons can provide the following services:

  • negotiating and structuring the refundable accommodation deposit (RAD)
  • minimising means-tested fees
  • maximising entitlements
  • consideration of impacts on pension payments
  • financial modelling for funding the upfront and ongoing costs
  • liaising with Centrelink
  • decisions regarding the family home
  • completion of all paperwork
  • assistance with choosing appropriate accommodation

We are a licenced financial adviser (AFSL 247067).

Who we are

We have a deep knowledge of the aged care system and have experienced the aged care transition with our own parents.

Our personal journeys and professional experience in financial services enable us to expertly advise and guide you through the complexities of aged care.

Getting financial advice and guidance for transitioning family members to aged care

Tips from DailyCare:

Aged care costs are complicated and can be confusing. Your fees and charges may vary and will depend on several aspects:

  • the location of the facility in which you wish to live
  • whether or not you choose to pay (or part pay) a refundable accommodation deposit
  • your income and assets
  • the specific fees and charges of the aged care facility (as these can vary between facilities).

It's important to note that day-to-day expenses don't necessarily go away once you've decided which pathway to take.

Specialised aged care financial advice can help guide you through the confusing territory of Refundable Accommodation Deposit (bond) options, daily care costs, pension entitlements, and assets tests.

We recommend the potential for making it easier for yourself and your family by seeking out and engaging professional and experienced aged care financial advice.

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