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Understanding care

Need help understanding Home care?

DailyCare's guide to Home care explains everything you need to know, including funding and eligibility


Home care services

Domestic assistance

support for shopping, washing, gardening, transport and other activities

Learn more about getting assistance

Personal care

support for showering, dressing, getting around the house and other activities

Find out about types of care

Recreation and social support

from popping in for a chat and a cuppa to helping organise social outings and the transport to get there

More about companion care

Meal preparation

whether you just need some help getting groceries, with meal prep or could use the help of an off-sider to make your meals

What else does your package cover

Gardening and maintenance

for your house, to ensure it’s safe and ergonomic

What is included in the service

Assistive technology

including computers to assist with home shopping and communication (e.g. Skype) and training

More about spending your package

Nursing care

including wound and medication management, and high-level care

Questions to ask when researching care

Why the price difference

The amount you pay for home care is made up of 4 factors

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