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Did you know your Home Care Package covers this?

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like having some money to spend on yourself to make life a lot more enjoyable! Which is why striking gold with a home care package means it’s time to dream a little and start imagining how those pretty pennies can help you help yourself! And while you can’t go completely off the rails and start hiring limousines to take you shopping, there are still some fun and freeing ways to splash your cash.

We had a chat to Absolute Care and Health to find out what your package could potentially cover.

How do you access your in Home Care money?

First up, it’s important to understand how your home care money is made available to you. The cash is distributed to a care provider nominated by you.
The services that you use are deducted from your home care package and you’ll get a monthly statement outlining how much you’ve spent. If you don’t manage to spend your home care package every month, then the money rolls over month to month, year to year. But this sum is never available as a pay out – so the lesson is to spend, spend, spend! Now, if you are contributing to your care costs too, then you’ll be invoiced for these costs. Simple, right?

Is transport covered in your package?

Ok, so now all that remains is an understanding of how to spend your money. As we mentioned, limousines are out (and helicopters, too, sadly), but basically all other forms of transport are in! If you need someone to zip you down to the shops or whip you over to your grandkids, your home care package is at your disposal. Likewise anything you need to help make your home easier to get around, like ramps and handrails. Continence aides and equipment such as walkers and special bedding are also included.

What about cleaning around the home?

Getting a cleaning fairy is also top of the list for many retirees ready to put their feet up. Whether you have someone stop in once a fortnight or every week, lightening the load of domestic chores is one of the most magical uses for your money you’ll find! So too is getting a gardening elf! While pruning the roses might still hold some appeal, the heavier chores are yours to dispense with when you use your budget for keeping the greens clipped. And of course medical care is included too as well as personal care.

Keeping in touch with family

But if all that sounds a little dry, then consider this; did you know that your in home care package can also fund some awesome tech? If keeping in touch with faraway family is on your mind, then rejoice – Absolute Care and Health mentions spending your dough on assistive technology like computers and Ipads is all part of the deal.
But what do you do if you don’t know an Ipad from an eye patch or Skype from tripe? Don’t worry – being trained on how to use it is also an approved way to spend your money!
And when Virtual Reality family reunions become common practice, we’re sure your required VR goggles are on the list, too!
So there you have it – some great ways to spend up on making life easy!

Img ACH, provide full case management services, ensuring that the care they provide is designed to meet your goals and preferences. They ensure you are fully involved in your care decisions every step of the way.