Meals on wheels alternatives- Photo from above showing green beans on a wooden chopping board

Alternatives to meals on wheels: dining in never tasted so good!

Raise your hand if you were once a high-flying chef of international renown.
Pastry cook of mild success?
Cafe owner who could make an okay coffee?
… I see.

Well, chances are you’re like the rest of us, then. People who know food is important and indeed, necessary, but who maybe don’t love the whole planning and preparation side of things. And who, as they’ve grown older, have come to like those bits less and less.

Thankfully times they are a-changin’ and the once reluctant home cook doesn’t have to buck up and accept the chore of making dinner every day. Now there are so many options available for dodging the drudgery of meal prep you could even consider throwing your chopping boards away (don’t).

So now that a new era of at home dining has dawned we thought we’d take you through some of the best options out there for making sure your at home meal making is as delicious and nutritious as it is easy!

Youfoodz & The Dinner Ladies

Fresh and tasty lunches and dinners are the go with Youfoodz. You’ll love them because you don’t need to do a thing bar pressing the start button on your microwave or warming a pan. Best of all, the prices are very reasonable with most meals coming in at under $10.

Meanwhile The Dinner Ladies offers frozen meals and bigger portions meaning you can really stock up and have meals of all sizes ready to zap when the mood hits or family drops in!

Marley Spoon & Hello Fresh

The complication level steps up a notch with these two meal providers, who give you all the raw ingredients and a recipe to follow to make your nightly meal. Perfect for people who enjoy cooking but are happy to do away with the rest of it, these meal providers offer a regularly changing menu and cater for a range of dietary requirements.

Marley Spoon Hello Fresh

Coles & Woolies online

Not quite ready to dispense with meal preparation completely? Then at the bare minimum drop shopping for supplies! Online shopping with the supermarkets couldn’t be easier and with all your goods delivered to your door, you can say sayonara to the weekly schlep to the shops!
Coles delivery Woolworths