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How to avoid a fall at home

Ageing brings with it plenty of unwanted ailments. And while we can’t predict what might affect us in the future, we do know that our bodies will become increasingly frail over time. It can be a gradual process that goes unnoticed however, that is until a fall in the home or in care causes us to reassess just how strong and stable we think we are.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare released a report in October 2017 outlining just how prevalent falls are. The report states that, ‘The estimated number of serious injuries due to falls in people aged 65 and older in 2012–13 was 98,704. Females accounted for most of these fall injury cases, and rates of cases were higher for females...in all age groups.’ While it is a shocking statistic, it can be changed - if we all take just a little more care. Today we look at ways you can safeguard against falls in your own home or that of a loved one

Tripping hazards

Clear out the clutter and minimise tripping hazards. Remove furniture that is rarely used or relocate pieces that obstruct clear passage through a room. Where possible remove rugs, or ensure those that remain are secured firmly to the ground. Curling corners and deep-pile rugs are a no-no - they’ve got to go!

Invest in new lighting

Good lighting is essential at night time when getting up to the toilet can mean fumbling in the dark for a light switch while half awake. Motion sensor lights are a great solution, lighting your way until your safely back in bed. Also look at the lighting on staircases and around doorways, improving any areas that are dim and dreary.

Give up your blue suede shoes

...Or just get them resoled! Seriously, well fitted shoes with a solid sole and supportive design are important for avoiding a fall. Slippery slippers and floppy old runners with trailing laces are a recipe for disaster - upgrade immediately!

Don’t be a hero

No more gutter cleaning or ladder climbing! Outsource tricky tasks to the next generation and sit back and relax. Don’t insist on tackling physical jobs that are beyond your strength or you could end up very sorry indeed!

Stay healthy!

That means regular check ups for your eyes and general health. Keeping as fit as you are able and maintaining a healthy diet that supports bone strength.

So there you have it, some top tips for staying fall-free! Just remember, many of the most common fall types are preventable, all it takes is a little planning and preparation to keep yourself upright.