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Emergency leave for residents

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Aged care residents can use emergency leave during COVID-19

Summary:Permanent aged care residents can now take temporary leave from an aged care home during an emergency situation including the COVID-19 pandemic. If you feel safer staying with family who can provide you with care, you can take emergency leave.  Emergency leave does not cover hospital stays.

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Aged care explained

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Looking for residential care? Find an aged care provider in the right location, with the right facilities and at the right price

Residential care

Residential care
Home care

Aged care explained

Outsource & get on with living

Do you or yours need help with care at home? Find out about home care services, eligibility, cost all related information you need to know

Home care

Aged care explained

Respite care

Respite care gives caregivers and those being cared for a break from their usual care arrangements, and includes anything from a short stay in care accommodation to help at home on a regular basis. Find out about respite care options, availability, costs and everything else you need to know

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