Aged care explained

DailyCare provides relevant and easy to understand information on care at homerespite carepost-operative care, dementia care and care accommodation.

We help explain, why you might need it, how you can access it, and offer easy checklists to help you prepare for each stage of your care journey.

In-home care

Home Care Packages: Is it worth the wait?

With wait times of up to a year, many people find that they need to fund their own care at home while they’re waiting.

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Applying for funding support

The government makes a subsidy available to some people who need home care. Known as a Home Care Package, the amount you could receive is based on an assessment of your personal care needs and financial situation.

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Choosing and switching home care

Under the Consumer Directed Care model, you choose who provides your care, and you work with them to develop your individual care plan. Depending on where you live and the level of care you need, you’ll probably have a choice of care providers.

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Spending your home care package

Once you’ve matched your care needs to a provider, and your package becomes available, the money in your Home Care Package (known as HACC in WA) is paid to the provider directly by the government. You’ll get monthly statements with all the details, but you don’t have to worry about...

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Power of attorney

Some aspects of aged care can be complicated, and it can be helpful to have a family member or friend help you.

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Dementia and home care

If you or a loved one has had a dementia diagnosis, it can be helpful to understand the support that’s available to you. While dementia is deeply upsetting, there are still lots of things you can do to continue living a fruitful and happy life.

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Respite care

Home-based respite care is available to support you and your regular carer. If you receive care from a friend or family member, respite care means that – for a short period of time – somebody else takes on the caring duties.

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Transitional home care after hospital

Post-operative or transitional home care helps people move back home faster after a stay in hospital.

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End of life and palliative care at home

While it’s not an option for everyone, more people than ever are choosing to die in their own homes, surrounded by family, friends and memories.

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Diversity and home care

Everyone in Australia has equal access to the care services provided or funded by the government. So whether you’re from a particular cultural, language or religious background, or part of the diverse LGBTI community, there are home care options available to you.

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DailyCare is a True Aged Care Guide

Help is at hand when choosing the best care solution

Finding the right care can be one of the most challenging decisions we need to make as we get older. At such an emotional time, it’s easy to be confused by the many options, and making the wrong decision could affect your quality of life for many years.

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Support to live at home for longer

Getting older doesn’t mean what it used to. We live longer. We’re more active. We want choice in how we live and how we’re supported.

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What Is An Aged Care Assessment?

For many of us, there will come a time when we will need some level of additional care to help us continue to live happy and productive lives.

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Aged Care Assessment Teams

The point at which you decide it’s time to bring others into the decision-making process about care may be some time in coming, or more sudden in the case of a rapid health decline.

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Aged Care Assessment Service

Ageing affects us all in different ways - we may need help with some aspects of our life, while remaining completely independent in others. In order that you can access exactly the right combination of aged care assessment services, a member of a aged care assessment team will need to...

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Care Accommodation (Nursing Homes)

Moving to care accommodation like a nursing home is a big decision and one that can take preparation and planning. This decision can also happen in an instant if there has been an emergency or rapid health decline, and in these instances having the right aged care information at your fingertips...

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Care Journey

The DailyCare Journey

The care journey is about giving you an easy and reliable way to find aged care solutions that are right for you and your family.

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Dementia Care

Dealing with dementia in the family

The kinds of behaviours they may show, include:

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Dementia Care Checklist

This checklist provides information on dementia, how to get help, and things to consider when checking out dementia care options.

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Post Operative Care

Post Operative Checklist

This checklist provides information on finding post-op care, getting assessed and what to look for when checking out post-op care facilities.

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Respite Care

Respite Care Checklist

This checklist will help you find the right respite care for your loved one so you can take an essential and well deserved break!

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