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Home Care Packages: Is it worth the wait?

With wait times of up to a year, many people find that they need to fund their own care at home while they’re waiting.

But keep in mind that – although everyone who qualifies on medical grounds can access a package – the amount of the package differs depending on your financial situation and the level of care you need.

Skip the paperwork

If you have income above a certain level and fairly low-level care needs, you might be better off skipping the whole Home Care Package process and just organising and paying for your own home care.

This saves you the effort of filling out forms, arranging your Aged Care Assessment, and waiting for the package to come through.

Home Care Package fee calculator

If you know how much a provider will charge to deliver the care you need, this fee estimator will help you decide whether it’s worth applying for a Home Care Package.

MyAgedCare Home Care Package fee estimator