Spending your home care package- photo of a red kettle and mug sitting on a red and white checked tea towel on a shelf with sugar in the background

Spending your home care package

Once you’ve matched your care needs to a provider, and your package becomes available, the money in your Home Care Package (known as HACC in WA) is paid to the provider directly by the government. You’ll get monthly statements with all the details, but you don’t have to worry about having the money lying around your home.

If you are contributing to the cost of care, the provider will invoice you this portion.

Unspent money rolls over to the next year, but it doesn’t ever get paid out if you cease being on a package.

Care services

You nominate to spend the money on a range of services from the same provider, including:

  • care hours, including medical and allied care, personal care and home help
  • home modifications such as ramps and rails
  • transport
  • continence aids
  • equipment such as walkers, and special bedding
  • assistive technology including computers to assist with home shopping and communication (e.g. Skype) and training in their use.

Some of your package will be used up with admin and case management fees. Shop around and ask providers for their fee schedules; some providers charge much higher case management fees than others, however you may need the additional support if you have higher-level care needs.