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Home care

Download our quick reference home care summary sheet here

Home care describes the help and support services you can access from the government, community groups and private organisations to help you stay in your home and live a comfortable life.

Home care to suit you

Depending on where you’re at with your health and mobility, home care can range from occasional help getting things like the shopping and gardening done, through to regular assistance with daily tasks like showering and preparing meals, and all the way up to full-time live-in assistance with all aspects of life.

Accessing home care

There are a few ways you can access home care. Your doctor or other health professional can usually point you in the right direction, but here are some places to start:

Get entry-level home help through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme

If you need occasional day therapies, a bit of help around the home from time to time, or just a hand for a while while you recover from an accident or illness, the CHSP (HACC in WA) offers entry-level home care, and might be just what you’re looking for.

Access funding support with an Aged Care Assessment

To qualify for government assistance towards the cost of home care – including receiving a Home Care Package – you’ll need an assessment from an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). It’s free and simple, but there is a bit of a wait...

More information about getting an Aged Care Assessment

Find a provider to supply home care using your Home Care Package

With a Home Care Package, you can work alongside a home care provider to make sure you get the care you need, when you need it. There are also app-based providers that can provide care on call.

How to choose a home care provider

Arranging home care privately

Everyone can access a Home Care Package: eligibility isn’t means tested, but the amount you contribute is. However, if you need home care immediately you may choose to pay the full cost while going through the process of applying for a Home Care Package (waits can be up to 12 months!).

You might even be able to negotiate a discount or some period of free care if you commit to remain with the same provider when you receive your Home Care Package.