Post operative care- photo of an older lady with grey hair and upturned grey collar smiling at the camera

Post operative care

It may be a relief to be finally discharged from hospital after a long stay or operation, but in reality you may still have further recuperation to do at home which may make those day-to-day tasks difficult for a period of time still.

Post-op care is designed for exactly these kinds of situations - to help you succeed in your transition from hospital to home. Depending on your physical condition and needs there are a range of post-op care services you can access, from nursing support to physiotherapy, to help you recover.

You can choose to receive post-op care in your own home or in care accommodation focussed on your care and rehabilitation.

Why it’s important

Just as everyone’s recover is different, post-op care and treatment should be flexible and capable of being customised to match your unique needs, from the types of therapies you receive to the level and duration of support you require once you leave hospital.

The end game is to get you home for the long-term, which is in the end is the best place for your recovery and soul!

It also gives you the time to decide whether home is the right place to be and whether moving into care accommodation should be your next move.

How you can access post-op care

Its is best to ask your social worker what their thoughts are on gaining government funded services, however if you want to choose private care, use the care summary to choose.

To receive government subsidised post-operative care you will first need approval from an Aged Care Assessment Team.

At any point while you’re waiting to be assessed you can search for the right care from all the government-assisted services as well as other private services available.

Simply start a care summary, tell us what you’re looking for so that we can really understand the level of care you need and we’ll match you with a range of care options specific to post-op in a matter of seconds.