Photo of an older lady with grey hair and glasses, sitting in her garden wearing a floral shirt while doing an aged care ACAT assessment

Income and assets assessment

The Income and Assets Assessment form allows the government to work out what financial assistance – if any – you are entitled to.

Most Government support is means tested; you are expected to pay for your own care if you can afford to.

The assessment covers details including:

  • whether you’re single or part of a couple
  • whether you have any income
  • what assets you have
  • whether you have any debts

The form is 31 pages long. Frankly, it’s a slog. If you need assistance filling it out, speak to Centrelink staff, a social worker, or someone who owes you a HUGE favour. The assessment is then valid for 120 days, although if you can have it extended if you apply before it expires. Otherwise, it’s favour time again.

The form: Permanent Residential Aged Care Request for a Combined Income and Assets Assessment (don’t say we didn’t warn you)

For more detail about what income and assets will be assessed, visit MyAgedCare

Good to know
If you want a friend or family member to talk to Medicare or Centrelink on your behalf, you need to make them a ‘nominee’. You can do this online here, or by printing out and sending in this form.