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Allanvale Private Nursing Home

Small residential aged care facility (30 beds) Altona Meadows, VIC

38-40 Ascot St South
Altona Meadows VIC 3028

(03) 9369 4122

Top level nursing care is provided by our qualified and dedicated staff in a residential setting at Allanvale Private Nursing Home. Individualised care for our residents is diligently administered by our specialist team.

Allanvale Private Nursing Home

Key Features of Allanvale Private Nursing Home

We take caring for our residents very seriously, both their physical and mental-health needs. At Allanvale Private Nursing Home we provide double rooms, low care admissions, secure garden, meals supplied and private rooms for the elderly in Altona Meadows.

Personal Care Services

The team here work tirelessly to give residents independence and dignity, with an dedication to help whenever it is required. The team at Allanvale Private Nursing Home , whether it’s eating and drinking, dressing or hygiene care, or a simple matter of mobility. This is all done with a high degree of patience, caring and an understanding of each and every resident.

Food and nutrition at Allanvale Private Nursing Home

Nutritious and delicious meals are prepared on the Allanvale Private Nursing Home property. Residents are able to choose where they’d prefer to eat; either in a communal dining area or in their room. Dietary restrictions can be of concern, and having preparation at the facility better allows us to meet these needs.

Why choose Allanvale Private Nursing Home

Our priority is to assist our elderly residents, but this done with a focus on family, friends, and our community of staff and volunteers. We have a wonderful community in Allanvale Private Nursing Home that spreads throughout Altona Meadows. Drop by and see for yourself.


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Rooms and pricing

Residential accommodation create their fees based on a RAD (Refundable Accommodation Deposit) and a daily rate. Many facilities will negotiate these fees. Use the calculator below to see how a lower RAD can be offset by a highly daily rate

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Room type Cost
Two bed room
Shared room with Shared ensuite
$225,000 maximum
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Daily rate
Private Room
Single room with Private ensuite
$290,000 maximum
or $0.00 maximum
Daily rate

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