Aged care residents can use emergency leave during COVID-19


Permanent aged care residents can now take temporary leave from an aged care home during an emergency situation including the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you feel safer staying with family who can provide you with care, you can take emergency leave. Emergency leave does not cover hospital stays.

In the event of an emergency situation, residents will not need to:
• use their social leave entitlements, or
• pay their aged care provider additional fees to secure their place.

The Government has determined this emergency leave:
• covers all permanent aged care residents from all services across Australia,
• dates back to 1 April 2020, and
• is available until 30 September 2020.
You cannot take emergency leave for the COVID-19 pandemic outside of these dates.

When you take emergency leave you must continue to pay your:
• basic daily fees,
• means tested care fees, and
• daily accommodation payments.

Services Australia are currently making changes to the payment and claim system.
These changes will allow providers to claim the Government subsidy when residents take emergency leave. Providers should continue to code the resident as being on social leave.
Further advice on these changes will be provided soon. For general claiming and payment assistance please contact Services Australia on 1800 195 206 or email: [email protected].

Information for residents

Information for aged care providers

Reference: Australian Dept Health

Main image: Dominik Lange