Ageing as I see it...our perspectives on life

In my current professional capacity, I have been confronted by the invisibility of later life-stages and how this is embedded in our perceptions of our own ageing process. It is one of the greatest opportunities I see in what we're building and it is also my own struggle in moments. It's one hinging thought that I put the following thoughts down on while I continue to mull this over..
We're born with a canvas in those early life-stages, we can most affect or script. That being said, it's probably when most you are least equipped to do so. This is a pretty poignant point and as such brings me to my first - youth ,as well as the concept of it..
Someone once said to me that when we started speaking, when linguistics became the most noted form of our communication.. the recognition of communication beyond the spoken word, took a large hit.
Beyond words and their blanketing inference, I have nothing other than my own observation. I have only what I’ve attached to the concept of youth to work with here. But does anyone truly have anything other?
If I run with this being the concept an each to their own definition of youth, I’d say it was a reflection of the self. Youth for me, evolves as I do.
So, if I look to the meaning youth holds for me and where it has held firm, I see youth as opportunity. The ability and opportunity to direct what will keep you becoming you and your life’s canvas. Open horizons and looking ahead to them. What is it that makes youth a stand out – for some who long for youth and or feel the loss of that perspective?
Youth is a gift and age is a gift earned. So many hark to back to youth and feel a loss of it. Feel as though they are losing life as they age as opposed to gaining. Losing your looks? Yes there is beauty in youth.
However, why are the lines that appear viewed as a loss? Are they not gained by living? The freckles, the marks all there because they have been made. Made by living as opposed to a reflection of life fading. Wouldn't they then be a testament to life being created, built, and lived?
Death, yes it is final and but it is also momentary. Why do we give death a such pervasive presence when living is what we are doing every moment until our final breath?