Anzac Day 2020

With a very different ANZAC day expected this year, we send our heartfelt appreciation to our veterans and remember the service and sacrifice of their families- still ongoing.

Here's what you can do while staying safe and continuing to follow your state's gathering restrictions:

You can watch and listen to the national service live from 5.30am

People are also gathering in their own driveways, on their balconies or at their front gates to "Light up the Dawn" about 6:00am.

This is roughly the time that the Ode, the Last Post, the Minute's Silence and Reveille will be happening at the national service.

Read about Doug's Vietnam tour reflection:

"This story begins on April 19th 1967, the date I was taken by bus from Melbourne to the Australian Army camp at Puckapunyal. I was conscripted by the Australian Government to serve for two years. I was 20 years old, buzzing with the promise of adventure.....

...In no time we were leaving for Vietnam, with about 30 personnel, it was 5th February 1968. We flew Qantas to Perth to pick up SAS soldiers. We took a detour via Singapore and then Malaysia on a Hercules C130. Butterworth Air Base in Malaysia certainly made the soldier experience very real and imminent. The RAAF guys gave us news of the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops that raised our anxiety levels and disappointingly, came with no support."...

Read more of Doug's story here

Main image: Laurentiu Iordache