Consumer experience interviews reinstated- aged care

The Australian Government has reinstated the consumer experience interviews (CEIs) which were formally undertaken and published by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (Commission).


  • The interviews will use a simple set of questions intended to understand the lived experience of older Australian residents.

  • Interviews are being scheduled across approximately 2700 commonwealth funded residential aged care homes with around 20% of older Australian residents.

  • Interviewees include residents from vulnerable communities, diverse cultures and those with special needs to best represent the voice of those receiving residential aged care.

  • Resident information and privacy is being protected through a process of de-identification.

  • The findings from the CEIs will be detailed in a report provided to the participating aged care homes.

  • This will give the aged care homes useful data to identify areas for improvement and further increase the quality of care they provide.

Consumer experience interview questions

  1. Do you like the food here?
  2. Do you feel safe here?
  3. Is this place well run?
  4. Do you get the care you need?
  5. Do staff know what they are doing?
  6. Are you encouraged to do as much as possible for yourself?
  7. Do staff explain things to you?
  8. Do staff treat you with respect?
  9. Do staff follow up when you raise things with them?
  10. Are staff kind and caring?
  11. Do you have a say in your daily activities?
  12. Do you feel at home here?
  13. What would you say is the best thing about this service?
  14. What is one thing you would suggest as an improvement at this service?

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Main image: Tim Mossholder