Home Care Package Admin & Management fees capped saving you thousands

Changes to your Home Care package fees have just come into effect 1st January 2023.


  • Providers' care management fees will be capped at 20% and package management fees at 15% of the package level.
  • Exit fees and separate subcontracting charges will also be eliminated.

Why are changes being made?

  • Excessive administration and management charges have meant less funding is available to meet the needs of older Australians. These charges include care and package management charges, exit charges and third-party charges.

  • The lack of transparency of third-party charges have made it difficult for older Australians to compare pricing and exercise true choice over their care.

What are the price caps in dollar figures?

Providers must publish prices in dollar figures not percentages – this approach has been adopted to ensure ‘like’ for ‘like’ comparison of pricing information and pricing transparency.

Depending on the package level, providers can charge up to the following per day:

These are the maximum prices for these services and they will go up with the subsidy increases each year.

For more information on how the pricing works and your rights see the Government FAQs

Source: www.health.gov.au