Hotline to report food quality in aged care

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission have launched a dedicated Food, Nutrition and Dining Unit hotline so Australians can have a simple and efficient way to report food concerns in aged care.

  • Older people, their families and carers, providers and aged care workers can call the Food, Nutrition and Dining Hotline on 1800 844 044.

  • Callers will have access to experts in the areas of food, nutrition, and dining, including dietitians and speech pathologists.

  • It is recognised that a good meal with good nutrition is crucial to quality of life for everyone but especially older people.

  • The Food, Nutrition and Dining Hotline is also available to aged care providers to access food and nutrition advice, support and education to deliver improved food, nutrition and dining experiences for older people in their care.

Source & more info: Aged Care Quality and Safety Commisson

Main image: Ella Olsson