Protecting people in aged care facilities during COVID-19

30/03/2020 Summary:
- expansion of testing to include aged and residential care workers with fever or acute respiratory infection.

- all states and territories have released directions (links below) that set out specific requirements with regard to entry into and visitors to residential aged care facilities.

- individuals must not enter or remain on the premises of a residential aged care facility if the person does not have an up-to-date (i.e. 2020) vaccination against influenza.

- Residential aged care providers should work to have all staff vaccinated prior to 1 May 2020.

The directions are published on state/territory government websites:

New e-learning modules have been added to the government's website:
COVID-10 infection control training

Department of Health’s modules for Aged Care workers are:

  • Module 1: Personal Safety
  • Module 2: Families and Visitors
    • Part A: Residential Care Facilities
    • Part B: In Home Care
  • Module 3: COVID-19 and Aged Care
  • Module 4: Outbreak Management