Welcoming visitors back to Melbourne aged care homes

Many residential aged care facilities are welcoming visitors back into their homes across the Melbourne metro areas after the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) issued updated information for visitors in residential aged care facilities yesterday.

Regis has implemented the revised version of the Aged Care Facilities Directions and summarised the permitted reasons to visit for us below:

  • Emotional, cultural, spiritual or social support by a parent, partner, carer or support person that cannot be given electronically - 1 visitor, 2 hours, 1 per day
  • If the resident suffers a mental illness, a visit from the resident’s nominated person pursuant to Section 24 of the Mental Health Act 2014 to perform their role - 1 visitor, 2 hours, 1 per day
  • Essential care and support for physical or mental wellbeing that optimises in-person care by staff, e.g. showering, feeding, comforting presence - 1 visitor, no time limit, no daily limit
  • Language/translating support - 1 visitor, no time limit, no daily limit
  • End of life support - 2 visitors at one time, no time limit, no daily limit
  • As a prospective resident - 1 visitor at any one time
  • As a person accompanying a prospective resident - 1 visitor at any one time

You can read the updated Directions here.

Geraldine, from Regis, also mentions visits on compassionate grounds will continue as they always have. "For those unable to visit in person, alternative forms of connection such as Face Time calls, phone calls and window visits will still be available." she says.

Check with your loved one's home about how to organise a visit. "Regis uses a booking system to manage the numbers of people on site, meet physical distancing as well as infection prevention and control requirements. Their visits are held in residents’ rooms or in the grounds. Fitted face masks also need to be worn for the duration of each visit."

The updated information on wearing fitted face masks in Victoria are here.

Dept of Health translated resource: Six Steps to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

The Six Steps to Stop the Spread information sheet has been translated and is now available in 63 languages other than English.

The translations are available for:

Main image: Sharon McCutcheon