What vaccinations are still mandatory for aged care workers?


  • Flu vaccinations are mandatory for aged care staff
  • Aged care staff should also be supported to remain up to date with all relevant COVID 19 vaccinations but subsequent 2023 boosters are currently not mandatory.
  • COVID 19 information for aged care workers "has been superseded by new ATAGI advice for early 2023 COVID-19 booster doses and will be updated shortly"

Mandatory Flu vaccinations

To help prevent and stop the spread of flu in aged care, facilities must have processes in place. This is a requirement to comply with the Aged Care Quality Standards.
As well as taking all precautions to prevent and control the flu and minimise infection-related risks, facilities must offer free flu vaccinations every year to their staff and volunteers, and keep records of their vaccinations.

COVID 19 vaccinations

The goverment website states that they will be updating their information for aged care workers and homes soon based on a new recommendation document published by ATAGI in Feb 2023.
Currently ATAGI advises the following groups should consider a 2023 booster dose if their last COVID-19 vaccine dose or confirmed infection (whichever is the most recent) was 6 months ago or longer, and regardless of the number of prior doses received, based on an individual risk benefit assessment:
All Adults aged 18-64 years without risk factors for severe COVID-19.

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Current ATAGI advice