Woolworths to offer care packages and special shopping hours for pensioners

Update 18/03/2020

From today, there is now a per customer, per shop limit of 2 items from any single category on most packaged products across Woolworths Supermarkets and Metro stores and online.
This means that you’ll only be able to buy 2 products from any single category or section (such as coffee), regardless of the brand or variety.

To see the exclusions head to the Woolworths site here


Woolworths will hold a dedicated shopping hour for the elderly and people with disabilities who've missed out on food and other goods due to panic buying:

- From Tuesday, concession cardholders will have exclusive access from 7am to 8am to buy groceries and other supplies.

- All other shoppers will be granted access after 8am.

- At this stage you must have a relevant Government issued concession card.

Woolworths to offer care packages to elderly and people with disabilities who cannot leave home amid panic-buying:

- Details TBC, the packages will be available every day from Thursday (20 March).

- Every store in the country will close early, at 8pm, on Wednesday night to restock essential products.

Woolworths has confirmed the VIC deliveries have only paused for now and will resume soon.