Zoom guide for people with dementia

Dementia Australia has prepared resources to help people living with dementia use video conferencing platforms like Zoom to stay connected.

"Instead of video conferencing being a way to connect with others, it can often be a barrier for people living with dementia and further embed feelings of social isolation.
These guides aim to support people with dementia feel better equipped to access video conferencing in order to stay connected.”

"While we have been in isolation due to COVID-19, everyone has adapted to a new way of working and communicating, which has included a heavy reliance on video calling and conferencing. This comes with its own challenges and for people living with dementia the experience has an added layer of complexity and video conferencing can be a frustrating, overwhelming and negative experience."

“As a means of communications, Zoom fills a lot of needs and sometimes you can’t meet in person. Having a guide like this may help someone reconsider connecting with others by using Zoom.”

The guides include practical step-by-step instructions on how to use the technology, and helpful tips on how to get the best out of the online experience, including preparing written signs to use during the meeting such as ‘I want to speak’ or ‘I agree’.

There are also tips on how to hold a dementia-friendly meeting, including taking a five-minute break every 30-45 minutes or when needed, ensuring everyone’s name is clearly displayed on screen, and making sure any meeting papers are emailed rather than in a link.

The guides are below:

Source: Dementia Australia

Main Image: Chris Montgomery