Dementia quality of life- Photo of an older man balding with grey hair a moustache and glasses working on something with his hands in a workshop or shed

Activities to improve dementia quality of life.

Living with dementia is not easy, as it can take a toll on every aspect of a person’s life. It’s a disorder that many people fear because it severely impacts an individual’s thinking, behaviours, and physical conditions. However, it’s a relatively common condition that affects between 400,000 and 459,000 Australians. Its effects can be devastating not just for those suffering from dementia, but also for their families.

People that live with dementia can still enjoy life, and experience feelings of happiness and connectedness. There are many tasks and activities their loved ones and caretakers can assist with to ensure their excellent quality of life.

If you want to improve your loved one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being, Homestyle Aged Care have suggested a few activities you can encourage:

1 – Outdoor Exploration**
Going out for a bask in the warm sun and exploring different amenities can stimulate a person’s senses and help them appreciate many of the small things in life. Hearing songbirds singing, taking in the fresh air, and even enjoying some snacks outdoors can do wonders for one’s well-being, so encouraging them to explore their outdoor surrounds under supervision will dramatically improve their mood and outcomes.

2 – Physical Activities
Exercising is not just for the young and healthy, those with dementia will also benefit significantly from moving around regularly. It helps their blood circulation and slows down the decline of their muscles. Moreover, it can improve their mood and sleep, vastly improving their quality of life.

The physical activities don’t have to be intense; chair exercises or taking light walks around the aged care facilities can be enough to lift their spirits and keep their bodies active.

3 – Relaxing and Unwinding
Who doesn’t love relaxing and unwinding? Seniors with dementia can benefit from slow and calming activities to soothe their nerves. These activities can include things like drawing, painting , knitting, gardening , doing puzzles, reading books, or listening to their favourite music. Socialising can also be highly enjoyable for them, and there will be plenty of that in Aged Care facilities.

4 – Tapping into Their Memories
Although people with dementia notably have difficulty with their memories, stimulating their senses to assist memory recall can be rewarding. Sharing pictures or asking details when returning from an outing can possibly evoke a precious memory.

The Takeaway
Caring for a person with dementia can be challenging, but there are many things one can do to improve their quality of life. You can encourage them explore outdoors, exercise, unwind, and perhaps tap into their memories to lift their spirits. Keep this guide in mind as you look for ways to improve your loved one’s health and well-being.

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