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Finding the best respite care provider

When it comes to finding respite care, there are many factors to consider. Some will be obvious – such as availability and location – and others less so. Here are some things to think about to help you find the best respite care provider for your loved one.

Identify their needs

While there are factors that will be important for you to consider, such as the travel time to the provider, you also need to think about what your loved one needs.
Will they be lonely without social activities planned, or do they prefer having time and space to themselves? Do they have a beloved pet they can’t be without?
Think about their hobbies and interests – a green thumb would appreciate a garden to potter around in, and a social butterfly will appreciate opportunities to be parts of groups. Are there religious or cultural factors that need to be considered?
If they rely on their car and still can drive, check that they will be able to bring their car and are permitted to leave the centre. Also check whether their dietary needs will be catered for.

Touring the facilities

There are lots to take in when you’re on a tour, so it’s a good idea to write a list beforehand which you can refer to on the day.
Things to pay attention to include the environment, both the room itself and the general facilities. Does it feel warm and welcoming? Is it clean and well-maintained? Is it located close to family, friends and any other support? Also take note of the staff – what feeling do you get from them? Are there enough staff on to give individual attention?
Our checklist has suggested questions you can ask the care provider to ensure you are finding the right fit.

What kind of care to look for

As there are different types of respite care, you’ll need to decide which is the most appropriate for your circumstances.
Here is more information on residential, community and emergency respite care.

Researching respite care providers

Once you know your options, it’s time to research providers. It’s easy to do so on our site – simply enter your postcode here.
The search will find a number of options in your area, which you can narrow down according to distance, needs (such as dementia support), religion and culture, room pricing and room options.
You can read a summary of the provider and contact them directly for more information.
If you need a hand, click Enquire via DailyCare to fill out a short form – we’ll then gather matching options for you and contact the provider on your behalf. This can simplify the process and help you find the best fit for your loved one.