Cropped photo of someone sitting at a table with pen and coffee making notes on paper for their Respite checklist

How to get respite care

This checklist will help you find the right respite care for your loved one so you can take an essential and well deserved caregiver break!

STEP 1: Decide your respite care options

▢ in your own home

▢ in care accommodation

STEP 2: Decide how often you need it

▢ short term, for a set period with an end date

▢ long term, a few hours every day

▢ long term, once a week

▢ irregularly, on a per-needs basis

STEP 3: Find a care option

▢ create a care summary on the DailyCare website

▢ tell us what you’re looking for

▢ be matched with a list of options, public and private

▢ get assessed for government-subsidised options

STEP 4: Get assessed

To receive government-funded respite care services you will need to:

▢ Start by contacting My Aged Care (Federal Government) to discuss your situation and find out if you will need to contact an Assessment Team.

▢ book a visit from an aged care assessment team if required

▢ discuss your needs with the assessment team

▢ Once you have had your assessment by The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT), they will send you a letter that contains:

▢ the assessment approval decision

▢ what level of respite care you are eligible for

▢ the reasons and evidence supporting the decision

▢ your support plan and any referrals for additional services

If you haven’t received a copy by letter, of the assessment, please ask your assessor.

STEP 5: Locate respite care options

In your caresummary you can choose from:

home and community care options for home-based respite care

aged care home for external respite care

Don’t forget, if your needs change at any time, you can ask for a new assessment by contacting My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.