Trends in downsizing your home

If you’re new to the wonderful world of downsizing, chances are you might not be aware of just how many ways there are to do it. That’s right – downsizing the family home isn’t as simple as trading one house for another, it’s about finding the right fit for your future self. Retirees the world over have been blazing trails in all directions, giving newbie downsizers plenty of inspiration for how to make the most of their retirement years. These days even those downsizing for health are taking spark from the plethora of lifestyle ideas out there.

The opportunities to reinvent your lifestyle are endless. So we’ve put together some of the best downsizing ideas to help you decide what kind of good time you want to sign up for!

The Open Roaders

Snails might not be admired for their good looks, but they do have some bright ideas when it comes to lifestyle choices. Taking your home wherever you go is ideal for those retirees who still want to scratch their travel itch. The ‘grey nomads’ as they’re affectionately known, are an acknowledged movement now, travelling Australia’s beautiful coastal roads and pulling up wherever they see a decent sunset. With a cooler full of wine and some good quality camping chairs, these retirees look forward to a new view out the window every day.

The Urban Planners

For the retirees who have spent decades mowing their quarter acre and cleaning gutters, the appeal of a footloose lifestyle ensconced in an urban apartment, or village, holds great appeal. These culturally clued-in types have felt on the fringes for a while and are seeking the urgency and excitement of the city. With season tickets to every cultural institution under the sun, The Urban Planners are out more than they’re in, making the most of their proximity to the centre of things.

The Hopscotchers

The Hopscotcher is a lesser-known breed of downsizer, but their take on scaling down is catching on. These canny seniors see their future in a series of phases and plan for a few moves. The first move might be a classic ‘sea or tree change’ situation. The Hopscotcher makes the most of the years between their adult children being out of home and producing grandkids! The second phase comes when the first grandchild appears and stumps are upped for a shift to be closer to family. The third phase might come in the form of some In Home assistance to maintain and support the fabulous life they have chosen freeing them up to do even more of what they want!

The Sunseekers

Cold all their lives and sick of it, The Sunseekers are exactly what the name implies. With a passion for being warm, these retirees want nothing more than a cosy floor beneath their feet come morning and a balmy breeze come night. Some abandon their home state entirely for another clime (think Queensland!), but many maintain a home in two places so they can escape the worst of winter. Many make sure their tropical digs have plenty of extra room for when the rest of the family needs a getaway too!

Granny Flatterers!

This is one for close-knit family types who like to be quite literally ‘on site’. The Granny Flatterers set up shop in the backyard with a made to measure flat that keeps them in close proximity to all the kids, grand and not-so-grand! While it’s not for everyone, for some it is a dream come true – enmeshed in family life and on call to help at any time!