Downsizing checklist

So, you’ve decided to take the downsizing plunge and want to do it right? Well, have we got the list for you! Our downsizing and moving checklist is perfect for those on the cusp of downsizing or those who are in the thick of it. We’ll make sure you get all the boxes ticked!

1. Gaze into your retirement crystal ball…

Imagining how you want to live is really the first step. What does the future look like to you? Do you want to just declutter or get some help around your current home, downsize and relocate or take off for a foreign adventure? Take the time to envision the way you want to live before you do anything else. Having a clearly defined and exciting goal for your future life can also help give you the giddy-up to tackle the ‘to do list ahead!

2. Personal admin time!

This step might only be thrilling for those passionate about paperwork (do they exist?), but the dreary task of getting all your ducks in a row is a vital part of the downsizing process. Here are some of the things you’ll want to get sorted.

• If you’ve bought a new place then it’s time to give your new address to everyone – that means family, friends, utilities, Medicare, the Australian Electoral Commission and your bank and superannuation account holders
• Update your Will to reflect your new circumstances
• Make copies of important documents and keep them safe in a family member’s home or at the bank. You never know what might go missing in the move!
• Talk to your utility providers to make sure you’re online and powered up at your new home and switched off at the old!
• Get copies of all your insurance and related documents

3. Get packing

This is the step that some stumble on because of the sheer amount of stuff they’ve accumulated over a lifetime. Don’t be daunted! Our top tip is to plan for the space you’re moving into - taking stock of what will fit and what won’t.

• Start early, downsizing possessions can be stressful if done under pressure.
• Go room by room and assess what is loved and needed and what is just hanging around.
• Take regular trips to charity shops or arrange pick up for large items
• Label boxes as you go so you don’t forget the contents or accidentaly give them away!

So there you have it – the ultimate downsizing checklist to get your new life in order!