Adelene Village

Adelene Village

Residential aged care facility in Wyoming, NSW

1 Birch Rd
Wyoming NSW 2250
(02) 4325 3693

At Adelene Village we make the community health of Wyoming our priority. We boost our community’s health by providing 81 beds. health decline, post operative and respite are examples of needs that can be met.


If you feel this is the right environment for you or a loved one our RAD fees start from $225,000, while our DAP fees begin at $38.71 per day, the basic daily fee is set at $48.44. Of course when choosing a residence for those in need of support, cost is always a vital consideration and we work to give the fairest prices possible.

Key Features of Adelene Village

Being one of the top-end establishments in elderly care in the Wyoming area, those who stay with us will have have available to them range of key benefits, including double rooms, secure garden, villas/independent living units, rental units and communal facilities. Our dedication to quality service means those who stay with us are ensured top quality care, for both their physical and mental health.

Personal Care Services

We provide professional, trained staff to aid our residents in maintaining dignity as well as independence. The health professionals at Adelene Village make life easier for residents however and whenever they need it, whether it’s eating and drinking, dressing or hygiene care, or a simple matter of mobility. Patience and a nurturing attitude are key requirements for all our staff when dealing with residents.

Food and nutrition at Adelene Village

Nutritional factors are taken care of with selected and personalised menus at Adelene Village. We have the best catering equipment to provide specialised and nutritionally healthy meals prepared at the facility. Those who stay with us may eat either in their room when required or in our shared dining facilities, as individual needs are taken into consideration.

Why choose Adelene Village

This is one of Wyoming’s finest establishments for senior care. We achieve this through forging real relationships with our residents as well as their friends and families. This comes as a result of securing warm ties with our residents, their friends and their families. While providing the best of care and personal understanding we do it all with a happy attitude and community spirit.

(02) 4325 3693

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Rooms and pricing

Residential accommodation create their fees based on a RAD (Refundable Accommodation Deposit) and a daily rate. Many facilities will negotiate these fees. Use the calculator below to see how a lower RAD can be offset by a highly daily rate

Did you know?

If you cannot pay the upfront Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), you can pay a combination of RAD and DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment).

Funding options for residential aged care

How much have you got for a RAD payment?

Drag the slide to calculate accurate room costs in the table below.

Room type Cost
Four Bed Shared Room
Shared room with Private ensuite
$225,000 maximum
or $30.27 maximum
Daily rate
Two Bed Shared Room
Shared room with Shared ensuite
$275,000 maximum
or $36.99 maximum
Daily rate
Single Bed Suites
Single room with Private ensuite
$300,000 maximum
or $40.36 maximum
Daily rate
Single Bed Rooms
Single room with Shared ensuite
$350,000 maximum
or $47.08 maximum
Daily rate

The information which is summarised herein does not constitute financial or other professional advice and is general in nature.

It does not take into account specific circumstances and should not be acted on without full understanding of your current situation.

Any objectives should be discussed with an Aged Care Financial Advisor.