BaptistCare Warena Centre

BaptistCare Warena Centre

Residential aged care facility in Bangor, NSW

15 Bangaroo Street
Bangor NSW 2234
(02) 9575 3300
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Blessed with panoramic bushland views surrounding the Georges River, with the Sydney skyline on the horizon, residents of Warena Centre live among the beauty of the Sutherland Shire every day.

About BaptistCare Warena Centre

A premier care centre in Bangor, southwest Sydney, Warena has benefited from $20 million of investment over the past five years. Our residents enjoy upgraded care technology, a new chapel and function room, stunning landscaped gardens and grand, comfortable sitting rooms where they can take in the natural vistas. To feel truly pampered and relaxed, we invite our guests to try our spa and aromatherapy room, complete with special soothing oils and luxury towels. Your time is yours to enjoy – and your home should make you feel that way, every day.

(02) 9575 3300

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Rooms and pricing

Residential accommodation create their fees based on a RAD (Refundable Accommodation Deposit) and a daily rate. Many facilities will negotiate these fees. Use the calculator below to see how a lower RAD can be offset by a highly daily rate

Did you know?

If you cannot pay the upfront Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), you can pay a combination of RAD and DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment).

Funding options for residential aged care

How much have you got for a RAD payment?

Drag the slide to calculate accurate room costs in the table below.

Room type Cost
Hostel C
Single room with Private ensuite
11 – 13m2
$290,000 maximum
or $32.10 maximum
Daily rate
Option 3
Single room with Private ensuite
10 – 14m2
$450,000 maximum
or $49.81 maximum
Daily rate
Option 2
Single room with Private ensuite
14 – 18m2
$550,000 maximum
or $60.88 maximum
Daily rate

The information which is summarised herein does not constitute financial or other professional advice and is general in nature.

It does not take into account specific circumstances and should not be acted on without full understanding of your current situation.

Any objectives should be discussed with an Aged Care Financial Advisor.

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