RSL LifeCare Rowland Village

RSL LifeCare Rowland Village

Residential aged care facility in Galston, NSW

301 Galston Rd
Galston NSW 2159
(02) 9653 2638

Offering care to the ageing population of Galston is our main objective at RSL LifeCare Rowland Village. To serve people with health decline, post operative, dementia and respite, our facility offers 116 beds. Our Galston residence is situated on Galston Rd. You’ll be at ease knowing your older family member or friend at RSL LifeCare Rowland Village will be cared for by the finest health care professionals.

Whether the care is intended for either yourself or a loved one, the price of the facility is always a vital issue At our facility the RAD fees at , DAP prices are begin from and other daily costs are set at $48.44.

Key Features of RSL LifeCare Rowland Village

In order to provide the best and fullest care for our residents we are equipped to address many physical or mental-health issues they may have. At RSL LifeCare Rowland Village we provide double rooms, facility has its own pets, low care admissions, respite program and secure dementia beds for the elderly in Galston.

Personal Care Services

At RSL LifeCare Rowland Village we employ personal care staff. The self-sufficiency of our residents is enhanced by our care aides’ support. Increasing the standard of living of our residents is something our professional staff strive for. Dressing, hygiene, mobility and exercise help; as well as eating and drinking assistance are some of the things we are here to help with.

Food and nutrition at RSL LifeCare Rowland Village

RSL LifeCare Rowland Village offers meals in a communal dining space or delivered to individual resident’s rooms. We take care to create meals that are both nutritious and appropriate for those with special dietary needs.

Why choose RSL LifeCare Rowland Village

The relationships we have formed between medical staff, residents, volunteers, relatives and friends alike has allowed us to create an upbeat and enjoyable community. Aged care facilities require a high level of care combined with compassion and this is something RSL LifeCare Rowland Village is proud to have achieved.

(02) 9653 2638

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