Poison and Pleasure – beauty ideas with sting (and slime!)

If you had your toaster set too high this morning, chances are you’ve managed to ingest the latest beauty and health trend thanks to your burnt slice. Yep, charcoal is just one of the latest unlikely ingredients to be put through the spin cycle and emerge as a ‘must try’ beauty enhancer! And it’s not alone. Plenty of ingredients that have gotten a bad reputation over the years are finding their way into the cosmetics bag, and today we want to clue you in on some of the strangest ways to get that ‘glow’. But a warning – you may end up with snails on your face!

Gold facial

While gold may never have gone out of fashion, the decorative metal has rarely been used to guild anything other than mirrors – until now! Despite the hefty price tag, the gold facials are a hit with those wanting to brighten up a dull complexion. A coating of gold is said to enhance blood circulation, skin elasticity and boost collagen production – just perfect for those with bullion in the bank and no idea what to do with it!
Photo of a woman having a gold facial

Botulinum Neurotoxin/Anti-wrinkle Injections

It might not be nice in your food, but Botulinum Neurotoxin is fabulous for your face! The toxin, a fatal poison that grows in poorly handled food, has found new life as a beauty treatment. Used in anti-wrinkle injections, the toxin acts to paralyse muscles and smooth creases on the face. It can even be injected into areas of the body that sweat too much to curb wet patches. Lovely!
womans face before and after photo with botox

Bird poo

Don’t curse the next time a bird poos on your head – your feathered friend is just trying to say you need a good facial! That’s right; bird poo is an excellent cleanser, according to the practices of Japan’s geishas. From ancient times they used dried nightingale poo to take off their ‘faces’ at the end of a long day. And it is still in vogue today, with some beauty salons offering a cleaner version of the practice to brighten the skin and restore moisture.
Photo of woman having bird poo facial

Bee venom

Want to bee more beautiful? Bee venom is the offbeat treatment that harnesses the plumping effects of a bee sting. And while you may imagine that to get the effects you’d have to stand naked inside a buzzing hive of bees, the reality is a lot less frightening! The venom is harvested and purified before being packaged nicely and added to a cream - no sharp stings included! Taking advantage of the sting’s ability to inflame the skin, this treatment is said to rejuvenate the skin and repair cell damage.
bee venom cream

Snail mucus

Who knew that slimy snail trails could be good for your skin? The ancient Greeks apparently! Yup, the civilisation known for inventing modern science, philosophy and geometry was also at the forefront of beauty treatments! And while they may not have had the technology to tell them what was so good about snail slime at the time, today we understand it’s packed with hyaluronic acids and enzymes, perfect for adding moisture to dry skin.
photo of woman having snail facial

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