Over 60 style icons

Photo of Lyn Slater a stylish grey haired older woman posing laying on some stairs. She wears fashionable short hair, white t shirt and jeans

Lyn Slater

Instagram: iconaccidental

It’s safe to say Lyn Slater is no longer an ‘accidental’ icon. With over 720,000 followers on Instagram watching her every sartorial move, 65 year old Lyn models her eye-catching outfits.

Still practising as a professor in social welfare at Fordham University, Lyn also has taken courses at New York fashion schools. She started her widely popular blog Icon Accidental after she had trouble identifying with other fashion blogs and magazines.

This New Yorker has a fierce experimental style which doesn’t follow trends and can’t be pegged down to one category.

David Evans

Instagram: greyfoxblog

Photo of David Evans posing for a fashion shoot. He is a grey haired, older man wearing glasses and orange paisley scarf and grey woolen trench coat

David Evans runs the Grey Fox blog, a style, fashion and lifestyle site geared towards men over 40.

65 year old David walks the talk, sharing his own outfit combos. A former lawyer and teacher, the Englishman has a regal and classic style – he’s a big fan of bespoke suits, wool coats, tweed jackets and traditional hunting caps. Many of his clothes are British-made, with David highlighting local makers.

Despite his formal appearance, David believes style should always be comfortable. His fashion icon is Prince Charles and he admires the royal’s dedication to buying the best quality clothes and wearing them until they’ve worn out.

Sarah Jane Adams

Instagram: mywrinklesaremystripes

Photo of Sarah Jane Adams and older, grey haired lady posing in a red 80s adidas tracksuit, denim shirt and adidas white sneakers with bright yellow socks

Over 90,000 Instagram followers can attest to the appeal of British-born, Sydney-based Sarah Jane Adams’ eclectic style.

An antique dealer, Sarah Jane started modelling at 60, being recruited by top model agency IMG and becoming an ambassador for Priceline Australia. Now aged 65, she regularly shares her brightly coloured outfits with her followers.

Many of her clothes are inspired by trips to her favourite holiday destination, India, with Adams draped in Indian fabrics and antique jewellery. She rocks street style too, with her Adidas shell suit, shell toe kicks and bright yellow socks bringing her to the attention of the influential Advanced Style blog, and since then her profile has skyrocketed.

Suzi Grant

Instagram: alternativeageing

Photo of Suzi Grant smiling and posing against a patterned background. She is an older lady with grey purple hair, cats eye sunglasses and wearing a gold brightly patterned satin shirt

With an aim to “spread the positive ageing message: look good and feel great at any age”, Suzi Grant is doing just that.

Previously a broadcaster for the likes of the BBC and Sky News, Suzi also has a background in nutrition. She has written several books, including Alternative Ageing, which is also the name of her blog.

In her late 60s, Suzi’s style is colourful and vintage – she especially loves 1950s tea dresses, hair wraps and cat-framed sunnies. Living it up in the British seaside town of Brighton, her bright outfits take her to gigs, festivals, the beach, and simply kicking back at home in style.

Nikki Redcliffe

Instagram: nikkiredcliffe

Photo of Nikki Redcliffe posing on a lounge wearing a red and white 50s floral dress and short sleeved cardigan

Another fan of feminine vintage fashion is Nikki Redcliffe, who also lives in Brighton in the UK.

61 year old Nikki is a self-described “clothes addict”. Always dressed in the latest fashions in her youth, Nikki kept her favourite pieces by designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Her favourite style eras are the 1940s and 1950s. She got into vintage shopping in her 50s and hasn’t looked back. Gloves, big hats and fascinators, floral dresses, cardis and embroidered knitwear are very much Nikki’s cup of tea.

Dorrie Jacobson

Photo of Dorrie Jacobson posing against brightly coloured street art. She is an older lady with short chestnut hair wearing blue dress and jacket with yellow bag and sandals

85 year old Dorrie Jacobson was no newcomer to the modelling scene, having been a Playboy Bunny in her youth.

Living in Los Angeles, Dorrie ran the popular blog Senior Style Bible. A fan of bold and block colours, Dorrie was not afraid to stand out.

“It is still a rare day when I am not stopped by a stranger complimenting me on my outfit, asking where they can buy something that I’m wearing, or inquiring into what brand of make-up I use,” she wrote on her website.

“It is incredibly flattering to be noticed by complete strangers, male and female, of all ages. It reinforces my belief that style is much more than just what we wear, it’s an attitude.”